About Us

In a global village

working abroad is the path people dare to take to challenge their dreams

it is also the innovation for transnational solidarity

Established in 2013,the Global Workers’ Association Taiwan provides foreign workers in Taiwan 

and those who want to come to the country with useful information and services about work,living, education,  and more. We hope to protect the interests of foreign workers through local care and support, affirm their contributions to society,  celebrate the richness of diversity, and witness the beauty of human solidarity.   

| Services |

  1. Provide foreign workers with information relevant to work, education, and living.
  2. Promote assistance for the protection of foreign workers’ human rights. 
  3. Provide management consulting and services for employees of foreign workers.
  4. Promote cultural exchange and understanding between foreign workers and the  public. 
  5. Produce, publish, and broadcast media content about and for foreign workers.
  6. Handle related consultations and activities for foreign workers. 
  7. Communicate and cooperate with relevant foreign worker organizations.